7 Day Silence Retreats

What if entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors realize within themselves what consciousness is all about…And yes it will also heal, diminish fear, improves intuition and makes you a better leader and a beautiful person.

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The mission of Viriya Insight Meditation is to support leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors in gaining more insight. So that they can lead and make decisions from a place of ultimate freedom and balance. This way, we help them make the most transformational positive impact they can have on society.Unlike other forms of meditation that promote calming the mind and cultivating a more peaceful state, in insight meditation the meditator uses their focus to try to build greater awareness of the inner workings of reality. It can be thought of as a process of mental training that directly cultivates a state of increased mindfulness and self-discovery by breaking through illusions.The founder of the Viriya Foundation is Roel Smelt (1970). He has more than 25 years of experience in various leadership positions within startups, medium-sized and large companies.
His own continuous development is nurtured by studying and teaching about Buddhism and organising silent Insight (Vipassana) Meditation retreats.

7 Day Silence Retreats

We believe that to practice in-person, off-the-grid and together with an intimate like-minded group of people, will accelerate the progress on the path of liberation. This is why we focus on exclusive retreats for entrepreneurs, disruptors and innovators.Retreats are organised year through on-premise in The Netherlands and Portugal.


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